Golda Solomon
Medicine Woman of Jazz

World Audience, Inc.
ISBN 978-1934209493

"Like the musical genre that fuels these rollicking poems, Golda Solomon is a master of both structure and improvisation. In this revelatory volume, there are deftly-crafted ballads of family and self-and there then is a pure unleashed music threaded with blue sentiment and an undercurrent of sax. Golda is a woman fueled by relentless rhythm, and it's all here. You'd be a fool to miss it."
-Patricia Smith, author of National Book Award finalist Blood Dazzler and professor of English at CUNY/College of Staten Island

"...the inspiration, imagination and illumination of her art of syncopated improvisation is exalted. You have little choice when so enwrapped, enrapt, entwined. So enjoy!"
-Laurence Holder, writer, director, Monk

"These poems do the Brooklyn bop, they rock cool riffs that soar above red sky nights. Step aside when the Poetry-Jazz Diva takes the stage. Golda Solomon surrounds us in beautiful music in this her second collection, Medicine Woman of Jazz. Golda wears the spirit of her jazz masters, blows sequined poems in New York air. These poems spin, sizzle and whirl...Slip on your dancing shoes, this girl is ready to bop."
-Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, Author Convincing the Body

"Golda Solomon, trickster/soothsayer, spins words into whole notes that crescendo with luscious clarity in the tenor of my head. Solomon lures you into her lasso of lost innocence and costly experiences. With courage, she chronicles the death of her father, first sexual awakenings and aborted childhood... the little details that build into a sharpshooting cataclysm of redemption and catapulting beats. She is the medicine woman of jazz, riffing with language fused in memory."
-Regie Cabico, co-editor of Poetry Nation

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Golda Solomon

Word Riffs

JazzJaunts CD 8611
"An insightful observer of the scene and narrator of a thousand hipper yesterdays, Golda Solomon lays it all out with streetwise authority on Word Riffs, the second recording to document her compelling partnership of poetry and jazz.

Solomon delivers with a passionate flair and on Word Riffs, her dynamic delivery is cut with a kind of sly humor that can be traced back to her Flatbush roots. With an eye for detail and an ear for rhythm, she demonstrate a strong affinity for the inherent nuances and happy accidents of improvised music while also reveling in a clever turn of phrase, a well chosen word, just the right touch of alliteration. She loves the sounds of words as much as the meanings they convey. A gifted wordsmith with a syncopated soul, she paints vivid imagery and plants seeds of wisdom while honoring the groove and capturing the rhythm of blues in her poetry. It's all raw material to toss around on this provocative canvas called Po'Jazz.

Backed here by the highly interactive, mood-shifting Center Search Quest, bassist Christopher Dean Sullivan, drummer Michael T.A. Thompson, and pianist Eri Yamamoto, with special guest Saco Yasuma on alto saxophone, Golda conjures up scenes of Harlem night and potluck jams, her word riffing strewn with hip references to Monk, Duke, Sun Ra, Charlie Rouse, Roland Kirk and the Ebbets Field of her Flatbush youth. "
- Bill Milkowski

Sample Sounds (.mp3)
 Word Riffs
 Mr. G Meets The Duke, Ellington, That Is
 Saxman's Social Security Blues
 Older Woman Blues
Other Tracks: Sister Bop; Spilt Milk; 1960s Jazz Hag; Exterior Palettes; Bop for Daddy; Bush Whacked Blues; Rapsonnet

Golda Solomon

First Set

JazzJaunts CD JJCD03082
Presented as the audio companion to her poetry collection Flatbush Cowgirl, Golda Solomon, hailed as the "Medicine Woman of Jazz," performs her sensuous jazz poetry as it meets the grooves of the legendary Bernard Purdie, joined by tubist Joe Exley, and violinist Tom Aalfs. Also included are 2 live cuts from her acclaimed Po'Jazz performance series now available on Po'Jazz: Takin' It To The Hollow.

On this autobiographical CD, Golda presents her life in and about the historical NYC jazz scene, jazz greats, and the impact they had on her during her tenure living in Greenwich Village, in addition to her earlier years growing up in Brooklyn. This CD summons back to the rites of the Last Poets and captures in both musical and poetic sense the "vibe" of this legendary scene. It was only upon reflecting back was she aware that musical history was being made all around her - and this is what this CD celebrates and encapsulates.

Musicians: Tom Aalfs - violin; Essiet Essiet - bass; Joe Exley - tuba; Ron Jackson - guitar; and Bernard Purdie - drums

Sample Sounds (.mp3)
 On Meeting Eric Dolphy
 So What
 Flatbush Cowgirl
 Spice Rack
Other Tracks: Sex Fugue, Some Sundays, Matthew, The Etiquette of Now

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Takin' It To The Hollow

JazzJaunts CD JJCD093001
Po'Jazz is described as "Poetry in Partnership with Jazz." The CD, Po'Jazz: Takin' It To The Hollow, is a compilation of cuts from poet/producer Golda Solomon's acclaimed performance series "Po'Jazz at the Center" - featuring many notable NYC jazz musicians combined with award winnings, establish, and emerging poets. This CD is a unique combination of poetry alone, poetry combined with improvised jazz, and just good jazz alone.

It includes performances by poets (listed as they appear on the CD): Tom Aalfs - violin; Uli Frost - drums; Ron Jackson - guitar; Nicki Parrott - bass; Ray Turull - percussion; J.D. Parran - clarinet/flute/percussion; Essiet Okun Essiet - bass; Nasheet Waits - drums; Bernard Purdie - drums; Joe Exley - tuba; Debbie Kennedy - bass; and Gary Smulyan - baritone saxophone.

Sample Sounds (.mp3)
 Building Nicole's Mama - Patricia Smith
 Celebration Dance
 I Am A Black Woman Song - Shirley LeFlore
 Jazz Spirit I - Golda Solomon
Other Tracks: Letting Go by Veronica Golos; On Labor and Love #3 by Malaika Adero; Sex Fugue by Golda Solomon; Bluebird by Anthony Costantini; Broken Ends; Broken Promises by Mariposa; Fancy by Barry Wallenstein; Happy Birthday Louis Armstrong by Elizabeth Conrad Dispenza/Tyrone Henderson; So What by Golda Solomon;

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Saco Yasuma: Another Rain

Solomon's story speaks of magical, multifarious memories of her Brooklyn youth under the soft glow of Yasuma's Fat Orange Moon... The Fifth Season is a dance in time, at once unfamiliar and comfortable. Filiano's arco solo against Thompson and Bemkey's colors: searching and sweet... The mood settles into Calm Water. You can see a ripple-less lake, quiet against a crimson sunset. Thompson's tree drum evokes a panoramic view while Yasuma charms snakes and other creatures out of the waters... With pure intention, walking steadily through meandering twists and turns of the Labyrinth will get you where you want to go... Thompson's march turns free and becomes the explosive, interactive playground for Campbell, Yasuma, Filiano, and Bemkey's fire in Straight Upwards, givin' it to ya straight with no holds barred!... Yasuma offers a deep contrast to the last track's animated conversation with her solo piece A Wind Blew Into My Hands. It truly did, as she caresses it, kisses it, and plays it back... The title tracks, Another Rain, is the movement between darkness and light, bitterness and sweet. The same rain cleanses and muddies up, quenches and drowns. The balance is in our hands. And Yasuma projects that balance with a wink of the eye throughout the entire set.
- Barbara Sfraga

Sample Sounds (.mp3)
 Liquid Entity
 Fat Orange Moon - Featuring Golda Solomon
 Straight Upwards
 A Wind Blew Into My Hands
Other Tracks: Invisible Matters; The Fifth Season; Calm Water; Labyrinth; Another Rain

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