Sketches by Ted Berkowitz, resident artist at Po'Jazz









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"Jazz, if you listen to it, you listen at your own risk; there is no way you can just sit there. You will find, for some reason beyond your control, your feet will find the beat, and your fingers, well, watch them fly across an imaginary keyboard. May it be instrumental or vocal, your body will find the rhythms, and you now are part of that sympathetic magic.

With sketchbook and pencil, I draw what I hear. Immersing myself in the moment, I will capture the musician's emotional and physical expression as they reach the apex in a solo, or interpreting a free verse. Then the fun begins... enlarging the sketch, digitally enhancing, then adding dyes, watercolors and pastels to recreate that moment. The music is my catalyst for creativity. It's a symbiotic relationship - It's a synergy".

The Bronx born Ted Berkowitz's artwork has been seen at many galleries, libraries, colleges, restaurants in New York State, and has also been published in The Daily Texan and Austin Magazine. His work is seen in "Videos of Poets," the CD by Frank Sisco, and the cover artwork for "Word Riffs" by Golda Solomon. He is the Artist-in-residence at Po'Jazz, and has exhibited at the Cornelia Street Cafe in NYC.

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